Social Services



The overall aim of Engagement Mentoring is to ensure the provision of holistic care and support to meet the individual needs of the young person and their family or care home. EVERY young person and family who would benefit from engagement mentoring support should have assess to this intervention when;


– Settling into a new placement
– Is disengaged from education
– Is at risk of offending / reoffending
– Has social anxiety
– Has vulnerability risk attached to their personal progression


To date we have had a 100% success rate in positively engaging young people. We aim to help young people to receive the full potential of their support from their statutory service providers, as well as reengaging our referred young people back into education, employment, placement and parental / carer relationship.

Youth Offending Teams



YPRelate aims to prevent anti-social behaviour, offending and reoffending for young people who are considered to be at high risk of offending/group offending and risk of being a victim of serious youth violence.


We have the ability to offer bail packages as an alternative to custody for young people on an intense order.


We will work under a multi-agency ethos that offers early intervention based assessments highlighting risk and needs of a young person. Providing support in the form of contracts and programmes is offered as part of a range of tailored interventions.


The YPRelate Inclusion Programme has been proposed to help the YOT’s achieve their corporate target of reducing the number of reoffenders on an ISSP intervention as well as young people that are deemed to be high risk of becoming marginalised due to their activities. Our referred clients would range from mild or tentative offences to extreme, habitual or serious youth violence.


We would provide support and monitoring on behalf of YOTs through our network of skilled (group/one to one offending and family based) engagement workers who would ensure the effective and efficient functioning of YPRelate’s programme and other prevention programmes.


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