Group Work

YPR have been providing group work interventions and workshops for Youth Offending Services (YOS’) for the past six years, we have a number of tailored group work programmes designed to address direct offences for specific target groups. This ranges from programmes themed on Violent Offending, Street Crime, Sexual Exploitation, Peer Mentoring, Communication Skills and entrepreneurial leadership.


All our programmes are accredited by NOCN (National Open College Network) and encourage young people to achieve academic points based on their completion towards any further educational path.


All group work programmes delivered are based on challenging the perceptual thinking of young people and forms a key plank in YP Relates mission to reduce offending/reoffending, challenging behaviour and vulnerability in young people in communities Pan London. Our workshops help young people to reflect on their actions and involvement in acts of crime at all levels.


All relevant programme’s provides a structured framework that can be shaped and tailored to suit the offending behaviour of young people that are referred.

• Through our recent work in schools and colleges, it is clear that the role of females in criminality has increased.

• Females now play a more active role in acquisitive, violent and organised crime, such as drug dealing, recruiting others, and perpetrating direct violence. Females continue to perform more traditional female roles, such as performing sexual favours; dating a male member of the gang for status, protection and or material gain and concealing stolen goods, weapons and drugs.

• The ever-changing context of females and offending behaviour has prompted the need for the development of intervention and support for professionals.

• Gang-related violence against girls and women is on the increase. Females are intentionally being sexually exploited via profit producing gang enterprise.

• YP Relate has a first class track record of working with young people involved with gangs and gang culture. We work in risk assessed expeditious fashion changing the lives of young people and the adults they come into contact with.

This programme aims to address mob mentality, group and gang offending, we look at triggers to offending that are emotionally led, we use tested counselling techniques to support emotional offending and the understanding of why.

Violent Offenders
• Introduction to the programme
• Triggers
• Emotions
• Bravado
• Anger
• Identity and status
• Victims
• Relationships
• Where you started
• Long and short term goals
• Saying goodbye and follow on

This programme that looks at the triggers to our actions, managing positive and negative relationships. The programme looks at what relationships you have with people around you and what are the expectations of you as a young man.

• Introduction
• Perceptual thinking and how this affects us
• Peer influence and mod mentality
• Joint enterprise and current laws relating to crimes of target groups
• Life lines
• Loyalty
• Being a man session 1
• Being a man session 2
• Bringing the themes together

YP Relate offers a range of training courses for any adult working with young people in a professional setting. We run a series of courses, as well as individually tailored programs to meet specific needs.

Course includes:
• Understanding group work dynamics
• Basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Setting rules and boundaries
• Facilitation techniques
• One to one work and feeding back to the group
• Questioning and processing
• Dealing with non-engagement
• Sexual Exportation.
• Reality around Gangs.
• Closing the group effectively.



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